Global Meet Web Conference

No Downloads for Guests

The Red Sneakers Cloud team searched the heavens and finally found a solution that works!

Other web conferencing platforms require guests to download and install complex software that can delay the start of the meeting. 

If you've never tried other web conferencing platrorms, watch the video to see the problem with downloading. If you have tried other web conferencing platforms, you know what we're talking about.

GlobalMeet is a cloud-based solution and no software downloads are required. Your meetings will actually start on time.


Easy-to-Use Interface

If you've ever tried other web conferencing platforms, you know how complicated and confusing they can be. GlobalMeet passed the Red Sneakers Cloud teams test... it is very intuitive with only 1 click access to the most commonly used features.

Easy Desktop App

The GlobalMeet Desktop web conferencing app is so easy to use, your grandma could host your meetings!

With an easy scheduler and file manager, you can easily manager your meetings and your files without ever having to enter your meeting room.

No Dial-ins Necessary

Our Cloud team thought it was important to eliminate the need of expensive conference call 800 numbers. With GlobalMeet's Connect Me feature, the meeting calls YOU. You or your users can connect to audio through your phone or computer.

Your Personalized URL

We want your web conferencing experience to be easy. Why spend your time hunting and explaining links?

GlobalMeet lets you choose a simple personal URL to share with your meeting guests. Your guests just click the link and are taken directly into the meeting.


Your Cloud Storage

You need your files no matter what device you are on. GlobalMeet offers a cloud-based file library that you can access from your computer or your iPad. No matter if you are in your office or in your hotel room, the file goes with you. It allows you to upload, download and share files with guests. Your recorded meetings are automatically stored in your file library for easy access.

Multiple Access Options

GlobalMeet makes it easy to start your meetings from Outlook, your desktop or your mobile device. Start, schedule and manage your meetings with one click.