SMS Signup - vBusiness Card

Now look at your mobile phone. You will have received my Virtual Business Card. On the same token, your information has just gone into the SMS Application AND our CMS System, placed in the Leads category. This allows for follow-up in a variety of different ways.


First comes the SMS business card. 
Keep in mind, you can create it however you want, this is just what we do.

Digital Business Card.
This will give the viewer a Graphical layout of your business card AND put your APP on their phone!

Importing to Their Device. 
This new feature allows the end user to download your vCard and import it onto their device, placing it directly into their Contacts!

vBusiness Card

vBusiness cards can be customized to match your current site or give it a completely different look!

Just like a regular business card, you can incorporate logo, slogan, name, title, address, website, and phone.

In addition, you could add:

  • Your picture
  • A video introducing yourself or your company
  • If you can think of it, you can pretty much have it

One of the greatest features is the...

Desktop App!

The customer has the opportunity to save your business card on their device desktop. Your information will be at your prospects fingertips!