What You Get with the Social Metrics Tools

Social Media Engagement

Know how you should fine-tune your social media marketing by tracking social activity that links back to your landing pages from Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

Track Industry Trends

Set the Web Buzz Monitoring tool to search for keywords describing your industry. You will always be notified of current hot topics.

Reputation Management

You can use the tool as a reputation management tool by entering your company name and the brand names you want to track. Posting links on your site where applicable, you can participate in highly relevant conversations.

Social Widgets

With the help of beautiful and descriptive widgets, you will be able to track how your social media activities results change over time, giving you a good indication on your strategy.

Competitor Social Popularity

Track your competitors' social media popularity by adding their websites to the tracking tool. You can fine-tune your own social media marketing strategy by knowing what your competition is up to.