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Yellow Pages...Really?

When is the last time you picked up a Yellow pages book? Can you even find it?

Now the tough question... are you still paying for it?

Last year, over 350 billion searches were done and 50% resulted in a purchase. Customers are looking to buy. They download apps that make it even easier for them to purchase in their local area...where ever they may be. There are SO many apps, who can keep track?

We Can.

Power App Listings keep your business in touch with LOCAL people. Whether resident or traveler, Power App Listings put you in touch by listing your business on 50 of the most powerful listing directories in the world, giving you the ultimate reach!

When local customers do a search:

  • Will they find you under the proper Business Categories?
  • Will they find you at your old address?
  • Will they find you at a disconnected phone number?
  • Will they find you?

Customers Are Looking For You

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