3 Benefits of Blogging for SEO

Oct 7, 2019 -- Posted by : Emily.Triplett

blog build page authoritySEO is the digital marketing buzzword that rolls off the tongue of every marketer and business owner. Search engine optimization strategies are often incorporated on web pages. However, not many businesses take advantage of blogging for SEO. While there are a myriad of benefits to using this internet marketing strategy on blogs, there are three main benefits we will cover today:

1.      Increase the number of indexed pages on your website

2.      Continually add new content to your site

3.      Establish your business as an authority in your industry

Blogging for SEO is one easy way your can strengthen your search engine optimization strategy. To learn more about this digital marketing tactic and how it can benefit your business, read on.

Benefit 1: Increase the Number of Indexed Pages on Your Website

The pages you see on search engine results are called indexed pages. These pages are notated by Google’s bot crawlers after they visit your website and see what information you have available to your readers. These bots look at the keywords you have optimized, your navigation menu, content, and much more. 

The more you blog, the more pages you create on your website. In turn, this provides more indexed pages that can appear when users search for terms that you have optimized on your website. This means you have more links that can be clicked on by any given user. If your website only has one main page that it optimized for a keyword, you only have one link that will appear in search engine results. However, if you blog about the keyword regularly and apply SEO best practices to the blog posts, you now have more links that appear in search engine results that can increase your foot traffic.

Benefit 2: Continually Add New Content to Your Site

Content is king in the digital marketing world. Along with optimizing keywords, your content must be accurate. When websites are ranked, Google’s bot crawlers are looking for accurate content along with a fairly consistent posting schedule. Google ranks websites that are regularly updated higher than websites that are rarely touched. The reason Google ranks updated websites higher is that they are trying to provide their users with the best websites possible. Websites that are updated more often typically have the most up-to-date information available to a user. Blogging provides you an opportunity to update your website weekly or monthly and stay relevant on your industry’s topics. Google’s bot crawlers will see you are updating your website and rank you higher than your competitors who aren’t blogging for SEO. 

Benefit 3: Establish your Business as an Authority in Your Industry 

Along with consistent and accurate content, blogging for SEO allows you to establish yourself as an authority. Readers who land on your site are looking for the best information possible. When you are ranking on a variety of keywords and providing weekly or monthly blog posts about relevant and accurate information to your industry, your readers will turn to you as a reliable source of information. This digital marketing tactic can help you rank higher on search engines and leave you as top of mind of prospects when your product or service is needed because you have established your business as an authority. 

Blogging for SEO is a great strategy to embellish your current SEO practices. Blogging allows you to please Google’s bot crawlers and provide them the information they need to rank your site higher than ever before. Digital marketing is all about staying up-to-date with the latest best practices. With a blog optimized for SEO, you can expect more foot traffic and provide your readers with enough knowledge to prove you are an authority figure. When you turn to Red Sneaker's Mobile Marketing blog writing services, you will receive exceptional blog content that can help create the foot traffic you desire. What are you waiting for? Find our how we can help your business now! 

- Ed Moore, SEO Coach favicon-16x16.png


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