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May 22, 2019 -- Posted by : admin

Recently, we had some B2B clients write Google reviews that did not show up. I know they wrote them, they sent screenshots of what they wrote. But, with Google's algorithms, they were stopped from being published on our maps page. So, I called Google to see what was up. Here is the information they sent me following our phone call:

Your content should reflect your genuine experience at the location and should not be posted just to manipulate a place’s ratings. Don’t post fake content, don’t post the same content multiple times, and don't post content for the same place from multiple accounts.

What was happening was this... my customers were basically writing me a commercial, singing the praises of what I do. They were pretty long and went into some detail. Google's algorithms were thinking they were trying to manipulate the ratings, or perhaps that it was me doing it. So, they did not get posted.

Instead, you might think about something like this:

They know SEO. Ed has helped our business grow and their service is great!

Then, you can follow-up and write the rest of the story. Google's algorithm is nearly as tight on your response.

George, you've been a good client for over a decade. We are happy to be of service to George's Jungle House, creating solid foot traffic day after day.

By responding in this manner, you are doing a couple of things. You are.. 1) letting everyone know he is a long term client, 2) giving his business a SHOUT OUT for end-users, and 3) creating a citation for his business on SEO. That helps your customer all the way around. Click here if you would like to know more about Google's review policies. 

If you would like in-depth knowledge on SEO and how to create more foot traffic, our SEO SkyBox Suite has everything you need.

- Ed Moore, SEO Coach favicon-16x16.png


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