Market Share 500: The Money Shift!

Mar 11, 2022 -- Posted by : Emily.Triplett

second-gear.jpgMarketers love their buzz words, and one of the words that has stuck around for a few years is “page speed”. While it’s important to have a fast loading page to reduce bounce rates, that tends to be the extent of the conversation. There is more to page speed than knowing the number of seconds it takes for a page to be fully displayed. It directly relates to how fast and powerful of a server you utilize for your website. You can go the cheap route, but you won’t get the best results. If you want to win the Market Share 500, you need to be able to punch it into 2nd gear and get ahead of the competition. You can’t do that with a server that is equivalent to a 4-cylinder engine. You need to have a server with TURBO BOOST for you to succeed and pull ahead of the other competitors if you expect to win the coveted market share on SEO SERPs. 

Our first blog in the Market Share 500 series was about building out the best vehicle, since you need the best website design if you even want a chance to win the race. The second entry of the Market Share 500 will give you the best kept secrets about server speed and how it impacts your ability to secure your spot in SEO rankings. 

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7 Essentials for Server Speed

It’s no secret that SEO is reliant on a myriad of factors. Your server speed and page speed will play a part in your SEO ranking. Be sure to consider the following factors before you select a server for your website:

1.       Platform: In this day and age of web development, there are three choices for your server:
* Apache is the most widely used web server around the world. It offers the most freedom in regards to server configurations, which makes it a popular choice for SMBs. 
* Nginx is the second most used server by businesses because it is a lighter and faster version of Apache. However, lighter and faster doesn't always mean better. It doesn’t play nicely with web developers when it comes to customization, so it’s not always a great option for your pit crew. 
* Windows IIS is the third most popular server, but it is typically used by large businesses and corporations that own their own servers. It requires more technical knowledge. Oftentimes, companies using this server have their own IT staff on payroll to manage it. This is not a recommended server for SMBs. 

2.       Hosting Package: Costs for hosting can range from as low as $10/month to thousands of dollars. The vast range of pricing is based on available features, disc space, bandwidth, and support. It’s important to make sure you are aware of any fees that may be charged if you exceed the limits provided with your monthly plan.  

3.       SSL Security Certificate: An SSL certificate is the harness in your Market Share 500 vehicle. You earn bonus points from Google when your server has an SSL certificate. Some servers offer them for free and others charge fees.  

4.       Shared or Dedicated Server: Shared servers are perfectly viable options for those who do not have high-traffic websites. Some plans will offer unique IP addresses for each domain where as others may be limited.Dedicated servers are usually not required by most businesses. They are typically higher in costs, but they do offer most customization. 

5.       Security: You want your site to be safe, but you don’t need a headache either. Be sure you can easily install software without losing out on protection. 

6.       Server Speed: Page speed is part of Google’s ranking algorithm, so it’s an important factor to consider when choosing a server. Your images and static compressible content must be able to load quickly to reduce bounce rates. 

7.       Location: Your website needs to be associated to your country, which means your server needs to be in your country as well. If you run a multi-national site, you need to have as many possible indications that tie your site to correct country. 

Server speed is the difference between a high-performing website with optimal page-speed and a website on page 23 of search engine results. 

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