SEO Strategy Q4 into 2020: The First Step

Sep 9, 2019 -- Posted by : Emily.Triplett

Q4 GoalsThe number of users who turn to Google and other search engines for information about companies, products, or services increases every single day. If your business information is not uniform across the Internet, you are likely losing out on thousands of potential site visits each month. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the strategy that can help improve your local search ranking and also ensure your business data is consistent across the web. How can this be accomplished without spending the next month crawling the web page by page? It’s simple — turn to Red Sneakers Mobile Marketing. We take the guesswork out of SEO basics and and provide you with the most powerful SEO tools available that will improve your SEO strategy and increase your foot traffic.  

SEO Basics 101

Let’s quickly review some SEO basics. Websites are ranked when a search engine’s bot crawler visits your website, runs over the indexed pages, and identifies which key factors are prevalent throughout the site. Aside from keywords, the bot will review items such as internal structure, link structure, navigation menus, and a myriad of other factors. Even if all of the boxes are checked, a fully optimized SEO website can still have difficulty ranking highly during a local search if business data is not consistent. 

Business data is pulled in by your business name, phone number, physical address, and your website. This data is visible on more than just search engines. Any platform that pulls in your business information must have consistent data. Other platforms include, but are not limited to, directories, maps, GPS apps, and more. 

We have to remember that web bots are looking at the entire Internet, not just your website. Let’s consider the following scenario with Business ABC and Business XYZ. A user is searching for a product both businesses offer. Business ABC hasn’t cleaned up their business data ever. Business XYZ turned to an SEO company and worked on an SEO strategy that included cleaning up the business data. Business XYZ has identical information across the web. Which business would likely come up first during a local seo search? Business XYZ since they turned to a trusted SEO company and dedicated the necessary time, effort, and money to ensure everything was completed correctly. 

Let’s consider another scenario with the same Business ABC from above. Business ABC not only has inaccurate information, but it has duplicate listings on some directories. Each listing has a different address. Which one should the bot recognize as correct? It’s likely the listing with the address that’s displayed on more sites would be listed first. 

Now, let’s take this scenario one step further. Business ABC has duplicating listings with its old and new address. Store 123 used to rent the space that Business ABC currently uses. Store 123 hasn’t updated its new address. This means the bot sees that Business ABC has an old address and a new address. It also sees that Store 123 and Business ABC are listing the same address. The bot will signal a red flag immediately and push both Store 123 and Business ABC further down the local search engine results page because of the inaccuracy. 

Accurate business data is KEY to seeing the highest ROI on any SEO strategy. 

Power APP Is Your First Step in Local SEO

Power APP is our powerful SEO service that takes care of all of that. ALL of that. Power App will:

  • Sync your correct data across 50+ major search engines, directories, maps, GPS apps and more
  • Eliminate duplicate business listings 
  • Suppresses any old listings from other businesses 
  • Upload and sync your business logo and local pictures to all platforms
  • Sync employee biographies along with current products/services/menu’s to all accepting platforms

Some of the 50+ major platforms Power App works with include Google, Apple, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, Yahoo, Yellow Pages, White Pages, Super Pages and many more! You can view our complete data network to see every platform PowerApps optimizes for you.

If you would like to see how your business looks across the Internet, feel free to use our FREE Business Listing Checker

Why You Should Turn to Our SEO Company 

Red Sneakers Mobile Marketing is the SEO company with a team of the most data driven individuals you will find at a marketing agency. We are all dedicated to providing you with the SEO strategy you need to reach more prospects and gain the foot traffic you need to drive sales each month. 

- Ed Moore, SEO Coach favicon-16x16.png


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