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May 21, 2019 -- Posted by : Ed.Moore

Website SpeedRed Sneakers... all the speed you need!

The need for speed is more real today than ever. Yes, it is important with gearheads, but it is important with us geeks as well. We need our websites to load faster and faster in order to get to the top of the search engines. How do we do that with all the HD photos we want to show on our site?

It's not an easy task. Most people cross their fingers and hope their WordPress site takes care of it for them. If they have the right plugins, it might. But it is so much more than that. There are 4 levels that we, here at Red Sneakers Mobile Marketing take into account. It starts at the DNS level, then moves to the Server, the website and finally, the end-users browser.

DNS Optimization

At the DNS level, we use applications provided by Cloudflare. Cloudflare actually caches the website in a variety of locations, so depending on where the end-user is located, it will pull from the closest server. Also, if your website goes down for a few minutes on the actual server, Cloudflare keeps delivering the cached website so you don't lose any visits. These cached files are optimized with Enhanced HTTP/2 Prioritization, meaning the order of resource delivery, independent of the browser. 

We then accelerate latency and throughput with TCP Turbo with cusom-tuned TCP optimization. Next is Auto Minify which reduces the file size of the source code on the website, Polish (image loading), Brotli (compression), Mirage (images for mobile), and finally, Rocket Loader, which improves the paint time that include Javascript.

Server Optimization

We use the Cloudways Hosting Platform and Digital Ocean servers. With this combination, we are able to monitor each server, add speed, reduce unused space, clear databases and upgrade platforms when they are needed.  The caching services used on our servers are Memcached, PHP FPM, Redis, and Varnish. These servers are very powerful and not only cache the site, but they cache the database as well, delivering information to your website much faster than pulling it live. 

Website Optimization

Our websites our outfitted with some of the best 'custom' modules money can buy. We've purchased optimization modules from the developers, asked them to add more compression and speed for SEO, and they've done it. At the website level, we offer Page Caching, Block Caching, Theme Caching, Compress LESS Output, CSS and Javascript Caching, and Overrides Caching. Then, if that wasn't enough, our image optimization is compressed 'live' and is resized & compressed with TINYPNG's compression SAAS. Oh, and if you upload a graphic that is turned sideways, our SAAS will automatically rotate it for you!

Browser Optimization

Both our website software and Cloudflare take each browser into consideration. At every level, the code on your website is automatically rewritten to MINIFY the code and deliver speed to the browser.

Bottom line... when you buy a website from Red Sneakers, you get all the speed you need!

- Ed Moore, SEO Coach favicon-16x16.png


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