What Is SEO?

Jun 3, 2019 -- Posted by : Ed.Moore

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the delivery of search engine results for websites, created organically. There are processes that all search engines put in place to increase the quality and quantity of website traffic. SEO is the improvement of your website, rankings and placement to acheive desired  'unpaid' results.

This is commonly known as Organic SEO.

Organic SEO isn't as easy as it used to be. When I started my SEO career back in the late 90's, it was pretty easy, just time consuming. You would just define the keywords you wanted to target, put them in the metatags and description, subscribe to a few link farms and, VOILA!, you were found. Getting strong Fort Myers SEO was simple.

As I travelled the country, helping radio stations get their websites setup, we learned that we could be at the top of the search engines in short order. Of course, back at that time, there was very little competition in SEO. Heck, there was very little competition on the internet at all. Most businesses were saying it was a 'fad', that it wouldn't last. Today, as we all know, the competition for SEO placement is fierce.

While Google became the leading search engine, they began to change the rules. Then, in 2012, with Google's Penguin update, all the rules for Organic SEO changed and they've been changing ever since. We decided quite some time ago, that we needed a complete set of SEO tools to show our clients what we were doing, how they were doing and the results. Unlike many SEO companies, we wanted transparency. From that need for SEO Tools, SEO SkyBox Suite was born.

SEO SkyBox Suite integrates the Best SEO Tools on the market today. SEO SkyBox Suite integrates API's from Alexa, Google, Moz, SEMRush, Lighthouse, and Majestic, offering you all the information you need to do strong Organic SEO for your website.big-data-integration-providers.png

SEO SkyBox Suite Dashboard

Over the years, SEO Tools have been changed, added and omitted as the industry has changed. Our newest API, Lighthouse, has been added to help you see how your website is performing, not only on the home page, but on landing pages you define as well.lighthouse website results

Bottom line... whether you are an Agency or a business owner, if you intend to do Organic SEO, you must have the right SEO Tools for the job. No matter if you are doing SEO in Fort Myers, SEO in Estero or SEO in Charleston, you'll need to have your website analyzed. Feel free to use our FREE SEO CHECKER to see how your site is performing. 

- Ed Moore, SEO Coach favicon-16x16.png


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