Google's June Update

Jun 11, 2019 -- Posted by : Ed.Moore

The June update rolled out June 3rd and continued through June 8th. To see if your site was affected, you will want to contact your SEO Coach or look at your analytics to compare your tracking. Google says the ONLY fix there is to this update is to do more good SEO. How do you do that?

Good content, local graphics, videos and such. If your content is stale, meaning if you haven't updated it in months...or need to make a change. If you haven't updated your site for good schema markup, rich snippets or speed, you will need to have this done. You should get with your SEO Coach and have them recommend what changes you should make.

What's the good news?

Google is thinning the search results page. What does that mean? It means that when you do a search, AMAZON won't have every listing on the page! WAHOO! So, instead of the giant sites out there burying local business, Google is clearing the way for your site to be seen easier. With that info, clean up your site, get it right and you will be found.

Also, pay attention to the server you are on. If you are on one of those cheap, shared servers, you need to look at the speed of them. You get what you pay for and you certainly don't get what you don't pay for. If you pay for speed, it will show in your results.

If you want to see how your site is doing, all the rights and wrongs, click here to use our FREE SEO Checker.

- Ed Moore, SEO Coach favicon-16x16.png


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