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In this article we will discuss the accounts settings page within the Boomea application. This includes My Profile, Desktop Notification, Mobile Notification, Contact Settings, Chat, Access Rules, Task Settings, and the Company Directory.
Boomea Contacts is the first milestone in our goal to provide the most robust UC product on the market. Contacts are the center point of all our communications, and this new feature integrates your contacts with Boomea. Current integrations are with the following providers: G-Suite (Google), Office365.
This article will discuss Boomea Direct Messages. A direct message is only seen between you and the person (or persons) that you have added. Below we will show and discuss the different areas of the direct messages and what you can do with them.
This article is aimed at discussing the Boomea phone page. There are 4 Widgets on the phone page: 1) My Info, 2) Quick Call, 3) Call History, 4) Call Routing..
Helpful tips on troubleshooting Boomea and the WebPhone.
The Webphone is a powerful new tool for Boomea. With it, you can now keep all of your communications in one place: Boomea. When the Webphone is idle, you will see the following:
In this article, we will discuss the Boomea voicemail page. Much like the legacy User Dashboard, Boomea incorporates a voicemail page that allows a user to easily view and listen to any voicemails that they have.

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