Voice Search: 2020 SEO Strategy

Nov 4, 2019 -- Posted by : Emily.Triplett

Voice-Search-woman-LI.jpgThe ease of simplicity of speaking to a device to conduct a search rather than having to unlock and type in the query is a huge factor in the rise of voice search. It’s been discussed for years that voice searches would make up half of all searches by 2020. For the 25 to 49 year old age group, that phenomenon has already arrived. In fact, 65% of individuals in the group “speak” to their devices at least once during their day. 

It’s difficult to deny that voice search will have large impacts on local search and digital marketing strategies. The phrases and actions utilized to perform the search are far different from simply typing in a query. Voice search results are incredibly narrow when compared to web SEO searches. A voice search on a mobile device will display three results, and a smart speaker will provide only one result when prompted a question. For businesses, this can dramatically impact their local search efforts. Unless you get ahead of your competition now, you will miss ranking in voice search results. 

As society as a whole becomes more dependent on smart speakers, phones, and watches to conduct their searches for them, businesses must accept the reality that voice search is growing and is becoming the new normal. To protect your local search ranking, you must get ahead of others in your area to ensure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to be the one result a smart speaker provides when a family is asking about a product or service you provide. 

Voice search SEO is different than web SEO. Once you come to terms that you must now address both on your website, you can begin to tackle the common questions and phrases you can expect voice searchers to ask. Red Sneakers Mobile Marketing can help you see an increase in foot traffic because we know many of the questions that your prospects are already asking. 

SEO: Voice Search VS Web Search

Think about the few or many times you have utilized voice search in your life. Odds are, you spoke into your phone like you were asking a friend a question. Now, compare that to your everyday search online. It wouldn’t surprise us if you type in a short phrase that is missing many components you would find in a typical sentence. 

Examples of voice searches include:

·         "Okay Google, where can I find good Chinese food near me?"

·         "Alexa, what time does the Bowling for Soup concert start?"

·         "Okay Google, find the highest rated marketing company near me."

·         "Alexa, are there any lawn specials nearby?"

Your typical web search for these same questions may look like:

·         Best Chinese food New York

·         Bowling for Soup concert today

·         Marketing company near Fort Lauderdale

·         Lawn specials near me

Voice search and SEO web search use very different keyword structures, which impacts that content and pages you need to optimize. You must include both long tail and short tail throughout your website to ensure you are reaching your prospects however they are conducting their searches. When you are writing for the long tail keywords, you must provide clear answers to these questions to help guide your prospect to the idea that your company is the best solution. 

SEO: Location & Site Speed

My Business DataSync LogoVoice search highly impacts local search because many search phrases include “near me”, “close by”, and other variants. When smart phones and smart speakers are prompted a question that includes those phrases, they are providing information and businesses closest to the prospect. It’s important for businesses to ensure their business information is accurate across the web. Red Sneakers Mobile Marketing can help verify your business information so help you have a higher chance of being the sole answer a smart speaker provides. 

Site speed is one common item between voice search and SEO. Starting in 2018, Google added site speed as an important factor in mobile SEO rankings. Sites that load in under three seconds rank higher than sites that take 10 to 15 seconds. 

Get More Foot Traffic Through Voice Searches

You can expect more prospects to find their way to your business when you trust Red Sneakers Mobile Marketing to improve your local search strategy. We will provide the necessary content needed to answer the common long tail keywords that are being spoken in mobile devices. In this highly competitive realm, you can’t afford to sit back and add in voice search SEO next year. The earlier you get started, the better your chances are of being the sole result provided by smart speakers. Contact us today if you want more foot traffic delivered to your door. 

- Ed Moore, SEO Coach favicon-16x16.png


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